The best farmer teachers Mindful Generation's has trained are in Kenya. They work together as a group teaching fellow farmers and have had some amazing results. They have created a registered group and are now ready to implement the first ever county fair. Developing a county fair would allow them to spread the word to others in the county and help them to finance their teaching program on their own. It is always the ultimate goal for Mindful Generations to be sure that the teaching can continue with out outside help, insuring that the farmers take responsibility and credit for the programs we helped them develop. 

A County Fair is fun, uplifting, and a family event, that will allow our farmers to demonstrate proven practices and offer sign up for upcoming classes. This fair will also give our farmers the opportunity to make some money thru games, selling food, contests and admission fees from other vendors. The group has determined early spring to be the best time of the year to hold fair and if we set the date for 2018, it gives us enough time to plan the details.  

We will need to raise $30,000 for this project and it will money well spent to help this group become totally independent. The group has been planning this for approximately two years and they are excited to show their country what they know. We are proud they understand the important role they play in their communities and want to share their knowledge with others.

If you can help us to reach our goals and and would like us to designate your donation to a specific fund, please let us know. We will be sure to use the funds as directed. 




  • Continue to supervise Haitian farmer teachers during the classes they will give to 45 new students. Practices include making compost, holding water on the land, soil dynamics, mulching, banana circles, swales, community building, assignments, farm visits, and much more.....

  • ​Continue working with the 600 children (4th, 5ht and 6th grades) at the Kobonal Mission, to create an understanding of the important role a farmer plays in their communities by caring for the earth. Helping them to see the wisdom nature has to offer them and by using their God-given gifts to help their communities they will in fact be helping themselves as well as others 

  • Begin a seed bank so farmers can buy locally grown seed, more suited for their soil, and lower the costs of purchasing new seed each year. A very important step towards sustainability

  • Continue working with the local Haitian woman to make clay beads and create a market for themselves and Mindful Generations. Art stimulates the imagination and imagination solves problems. Quote from Einstein, "Imagination is more important than Intelligence". The woman creating the clay beads are making beads for sale that support the farmers teaching the classes, while earning a living for their families. They are also demonstrating to the local community how important it is to learn new ways of thinking and will be asked to share what they are learning to others. 


Here's what's in the works for 2017 

                                               DELANO, MN

  • ​Help local farmers to attain a manufacturing license allowing them to market their value added products to large buyers. The public wants locally homemade products and it seems process to meeting that market is a bit unclear. Mindful Generations is scheduling meetings and application sessions for farmers to attain their MN manufacturing license. We have farmers that are interested and would be happy to include more, contact us if you would like to learn more about this program.