our mission:

​Working for the future 



“If you teach a man to fish...” Education gives everyone the tools they need to succeed through their lives.

Power Beads

Creating Economic Growth and Empowering Communities.

Give your helping hand to those who grow food and future farming generations 


Empowering Farmers to Build Communities and Heal the Soil

At Mindful Generations, we focus on the communities where farmers live and empower them thru education. We bring sustainable practices to those who work the soil in order to create more food and a better life. Healthy soil is a start toward a healthy community worldwide. In our experience, when a  community has enough food readily available, the entire community prospers. It takes a village and food to raise a child, and healthy soil can continue to feed people for many many generations. We give farmers the tools nessesary to teach others and work together, creating a well equipped society so they can solve problems themselves. Empowering them to heal the soil and their communities. 



Farmers are the most important people on earth, taking care of all of us through their work. Help us to help them