The Story of the Haitian Power Beads

                                                                                               (selling soil to heal soil) 

   The story begins with the soil. Haitian soil is in need of deep repair and Haitian farmers are the ones for the job. After seeing results from farmers trained in Sustainable practices by Mindful Generations other local farmers asked to learn about how to heal their soil and grow more food. So, we trained our farmers to teach the other farmers in their community. To do that we needed a sustainable way to support that education so we created jobs for local woman to make these incredible one of a kind beads from Haitian soil. 

   We asked a group of women what they thought of our idea to sell soil (clay is soil) to help heal the soil and they became very excited to learn how to make beads from local clay. With the help of Diane Schwieters (an accomplished artist) they began to create beads. Not all the women were as skilled as others, so we gave them some other important jobs like quality control, staining beads, loading, firing and unloading the kiln, as well as washing the beads. I can't begin to tell you how happy these woman are to have jobs that pay them to help farmers heal the soil. And the beads are amazingly beautiful and totally original. The woman created the designs all on their own and did a great job.     

   These beads represent the belief in empowerment and the ability of the human spirit to heal a community. When you purchasing these necklaces you EM-POWER local Haitians to improve their communities themselves by providing multiple families with an income and supporting the education needed to heal the soil for 100’s of farm families. They are proud that they have the tools to help each other!

 Thank you for Passing on the Power​  
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  $10 Small Necklaces (please specify bead style when ordering)  Beads hang from 22" rubber band

             choker style - perfect for children - Can also be wrapped around wrist and worn as bracelet


             Two Bead                       Three Bead                      Small Horse                    Small Fish                       Bird 

   NOTE: All Beads are Handmade and No Two are Alike. Each Bead Will Vary Slightly from Pictures Shown


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(We will do our best to get you a bead that is very close to the pictures you see here, but sometimes the design will vary like the lower bead of both of these photos to the left) 


​          $20 Large Necklaces  These beads are assembled on rounded leather and adjust from 16"-29" making them versatile for any occasion

                         NOTE: All Beads are Handmade and No Two are Alike. Each Bead Will Vary Slightly from Pictures Shown

                                                    Wild Hearts                                                                       Falling Leaves                                                         Teach a Man to Fish 

                                            Circle of Life                                                             Horse Power                                                              Window of Hope          


                             3 Bead Window of Hope                                           5 Bead Window of Hope                                           Dancing Heart